All About Cockapoo’s!




Cockapoos a cross breed, or some may call it a mixed breed involving Poodles. Cockapoos are the result of the fusion between Poodles and Cocker Spaniels. Cockapoos generally come in white, cream and tan colours, and is a well-proportioned breed, usually weighing in at 6 to 19 pounds.

It is difficult to determine how your cock-a-poo may look like when it grows older. It may have more of a poodle, or a cock spaniel. It is possible to look at the dog’s parents, and determine how it might look. Some questions your should ask if you’re wondering how your cockapoo would look like when it grows up:

Are it’s parents pure breeds?

Are one of it’s parents a cocka-poo as well?


However, strictly speaking, Cockapoos cannot be considered a real species. This is because Cockapoos are not confirmed to be able to consistently maintain roughly the same characteristics throughout different descendants. Some offspring may display more Cocker Spaniel characteristics while other may display more Poodle characteristics. Despite this, Cockapoos remain a popular choice due to its inheritance of its parents’ positive traits.


A Cockapoo’s coat draws characteristics from both its Poodle and Cocker Spaniel ancestors, usually making it long and fairly curly. Cockapoos are a great breed for people who tend to have allergic reactions easily. Because Cockapoos rarely shed hair, if any, it can drastically reduce the chances of hair-induced allergic reactions happening. Cockapoos should be brushed and combed regularly though, to keep its coat clean and tangle-free.


Cockapoos are capable of learning things fairly quickly, given their intelligence and desire to please. As such, Cockapoos should be easy to housebreak. Cockapoos should require consistent, firm, yet gentle handling as they can get a little sensitive when it comes to the tone of your voice.


Cockapoos can be relatively active. Having a yard is not a requirement for raising Cockapoos, but be sure to take it around the neighborhood for walks if so. Because Cockapoos have a tendency to overeat at times, regular exercise is important to keep them healthy and keep overweight issues at bay


Recognized Names:
American Canine Hybrid Club = Cock-A-Poo
Designer Dogs Kennel Club = Cock-A-Poo
International Designer Canine Registry® = Cockapoo
Designer Breed Registry = Cock A Poo

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